Bravo Ez-Build

The most energy efficient homes and commercial buildings.

Gandhi Holdings has been building residential energy efficient homes and commercial buildings on Vancouver Island for 39 years. Our newest construction division, Bravo E-Z Build fabricates and constructs state of the art custom built environmentally friendly  green homes. As licensed builders, we are excited to introduce new forms of building materials and innovative techniques that can have a house ready to lock up stage* within approximately 7-10 days, depending on the size of the building.

Sip energy efficient homes
Original Demo Home Victoria, BC
off the grid homes
Mater Bath with Steam Shower & Jetted Tub

Bravo E-Z Build, supplies the entire building envelope utilizing the most advanced technology and building components.

Which includes : Form A Drain, Patented Foam foundation system that require no striping of foundation forms and Structural Insulated Panels (SIPs with R25).

These leading edge materials and techniques result in buildings that are 70 to 80% more energy efficient.These technologies are also the building blocks for off the grid homes & passive systems

Bravo E-Z Build is committed to providing the highest quality, ultra-modern and sophisticated buildings that are comfortable and affordable living.

If want more information, please go to our website or call us:

(250) 386-1616 or Toll Free  1-877-937-3206

Living Room

Living Room with Built in Flush Fire Gas Fireplace

Watch the video to learn more about how these amazing energy efficient homes are built.
We also only use our Tilt & Turn windows & doors with built in retractable screens & shades.  Tilt & Turn Windows & Doors
These retractable screens can be solar screens & shades help extra to keep the heat in & cold out. Retractable Screens—— Tilt & Turn Shades


kitchen with cork floors

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Bravo Ezbuild House being build in Vancouver Island, BC, Canada


*Lock stage- premises are secure, in that walls (external/internal), roof, ceiling, are complete & ext doors & windows are installed and lockable.