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Bravo Screens (Div) 

At Bravo screens, we have a full line of retractable screens for window and door designed to provide solar and insect protection. 

Bravo Screens is the only Canadian manufacturer of Retractable Screens with a Patented Clutch system that results in the most smooth openings and closing screen.

Bravo Retractable Screens that Never Slam when the screen is opened or closed.

Automated Motorization screens that can be operated with TV Remote.

At Bravo Screens, we are continuing to redefining the retractable screens industry and to providing you with the best quality product available.

One of the best ways to enjoy your beautiful views and open windows and doors is with retractable screens. Although only about 50% population is aware of the benefits of retractable screen doors, they are a great solution to solve many of your screen dilemmas.

 Retractable screens doors are especially useful for spaces where a conventional screen door cannot be used. Some of these areas are: sliding glass patio doors, double French doors or doors where there is sufficient clearance available. Also, retractable screen doors use much less area when compared to a conventional screen door, so they provide an added benefit over their contemporaries. 

 Retractable screens benefits include a smooth sliding screen fit almost any doorway or window. Retractable screens are a great option to allow you to take advantage of the natural air ventilation and fresh air with a great appearance and functional protection.

 The range of disappearing screen doors is affordable for most budgets, from inexpensive do-it-yourself installed models to high quality or custom manufactured professional installed models. The nice thing for the DIYers out there is that the assemble and installation requires few tools and are simple to set up.

 Esthetically, retractable door screens are a beautiful addition because they are available  in a variety of colours, wood grain finishes, pet or solar mesh and on and on, which complement any decor.

 The most ideal feature of retractable screen is that they  do not distract from your views because they disappear into the natural recesses of the frame thus, the appear virtually invisible. Enjoying your beautiful views from your home or office is a must and with retractable screens as an option is that goal is attainable.

 When deciding on screens for your windows and doors, do not forget about retractable screens as a great solution. They provide more benefits over conventional screens and come in affordable price to suit any wallet.